Science Olympiad prepares for the upcoming season

Anyone that is interested in science is still welcome to join


By Photo by Cassidy Doran

Junior Chari Pierce takes notes in preparation for the upcoming season of Science Olympiad.

New and returning members of Science Olympiad had their first information meeting on Friday, Sept. 6 to prepare for the upcoming season.

Science Olympiad sponsor Jennifer Aytes explained what the club is.

“[Science Olympiad] is a science tournament where there are 23 different events in a range of science topics, in pretty much every science area,” Aytes said.  “Some of [the events] are pencil and paper tests, some of them are lab experiments, and some are build events.”

In order to prepare for tournaments, the team has open labs, an opportunity to do independent research meet with other members on the team, to get help, Aytes described.  Open labs will be one or two nights a week, but students are welcome to come any day after school.

“Open lab time is a chance to meet as a team and work,” Aytes said.  “They are also a chance to get help or clarify any questions.  Open labs are not mandatory, but preferred but the officers are required to be at open labs.”

Senior Alyssa Hobson is ready to start her final year on Science Olympiad and knows the ways to make this year better.

“We need to be there for the freshman and help new members,” Hobson said.  “Also, we need to improve attendance in open labs and make Science Olympiad more fun and less stressful.”

Hobson said there are many different events to compete in like build, material science, genetics, and disease, one of the two main events she competes in.

“For disease, we get a scenario of a population with a disease,” said Hobson.  “And we have to figure out what the disease is, how to get rid of it, and the cause.  The disease could be anything from intestinal to psychological.

The members of Science Olympiad think its first tournament will be in October or November, but the team is still waiting for information on the official schedule.   Even though the members of Science Olympiad had their first meeting, they are always looking for people interested in science.

“Anyone can still join,” Hobson said.


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