Schools come together to discuss the documentary Babies

By Courtney Cooke

Lisa Joerling, reporter

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The AP Language and Composition students watched the documentary Babies with De Soto High School students on Friday, Nov. 5.

The idea to watch Babies, a documentary following the life of four babies growing up in different countries, came from AP Language and Composition teacher Kristen Crosbie.

DHS AP Language and Composition teacher Phillip Hamilton was excited to see how the students interact.

“It gave us the opportunity to see how our students are responding to the curriculum,” Hamilton said.

However Crosbie and Hamilton agree bringing both schools together can be a challenge.

“The problem is figuring out a lesson plan with two teachers and over 100 students. Getting everyone involved and active in the lesson plan with those kind of numbers is tough,” Hamilton said.

The students and teachers both thought it would be an exciting experience.

“It gave us an opportunity to see other school’s ideas,” junior Courtney Minter said.



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