School mascot JJ acts as the face of the school

JJ interacts with the community through sporting events

Victoria Wright, JagWire editor-in-chief

What specific jobs do you have being the mascot?

I’m supposed to interact with the community and … really focus on the little kids more than the student section because they’re the ones who get a kick out of it the most.

Why are you important to the school?

I’m important to the school because it gives a face, in a way, to the school. So just someone to recognize Mill Valley by.

What is it like being the face of the school?

It’s kind of nerve wracking, like the first time I did it I was kind of nervous, but basically if you just act as goofy as possible people pretty much get a kick out of it and everyone has fun

In what ways do you get involved with that students at events?

During the homecoming pep rally and stuff, I just kind of danced during the fight song and I honestly just act as dumb as I possibly can and it usually ends up being pretty good.

What is the new suit like?

Its honestly not that hot, the jersey makes it really hot, but it’s got a fan in it so it’s not bad.

What are some drawbacks of the new suit?

Its full body. The last one was just a head, so it gets a lot more sweaty.

What are some positive things about the new suit?

It’s a way nicer suit than the last one and it’s a professionally designed one.

Why was it necessary to get the new suit?

The old one had been around since the school opened, so it was 15 years old and it was musty inside, very musty.

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