School hosts and places in KVL mathlete competition

Kaw Valley League mathlete teams place second and third in four of the five math levels


By Photo by Alexis Strauss

Preparing for the math competition, sophomores Harman Kaur and Madison Ferguson work out some practice problems on Wednesday, April 1.

Cassi Benson, JAG reporter

Fifteen students participated in annual Kaw Valley League mathlete competition, hosted at the school for the first time in 13 years on Wednesday, April 1, placing second in Geometry and Calculus, third in both Algebra and Algebra II and not placing in pre-calculus.

Teachers chose three students to participate in each of the five levels of math.

[Calculus teacher Brian] Rodkey asked our class who would be willing to participate [in the math competition]and there were probably about 10 of us that were willing and from there he just chose,” junior Isabel Crain, who participated in Calculus said.

Each of the three-team members were given identical 30 question written tests that they had 30 minutes to complete. Each question was worth one point. The team with the most correct answer won. According to Crain, her team came up with a strategy to complete the test in the allotted time.

“[My team] split up the questions so the first person took the first third and so on,” Crain said. “If we came across a question we didn’t know, the rest of the team would kind of bounce onto the question and see if they could figure it out.”

After the competition ended, sophomore Harman Kaur, who participated in geometry was glad to have represented the school.

“I was very excited because math is one of my favorite subjects and I was happy to represent our school,” Kaur said. “My favorite part was just getting together and actually taking the test and seeing how much we knew and how much we had to learn.”

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