School evacuated due to faulty sensor

After the fire alarm evacuated students and staff, fire personnel made sure the building was safe to enter again


By Photo by Amanda Curtright

Due to a faulty sensor, students and staff were evacuated on Tuesday, April 1.

The school was evacuated after the fire alarm went off due to a faulty sensor on Tuesday, April 1.

After a full student and staff evacuation, the building was checked by fire personnel for any potential dangers.

After an all-clear, students returned to their first block classes and were then instructed to report to their second block at approximately 9:30 a.m.

As a part-time student, senior Bailee Flaming was annoyed by the false alarm.

“I’m glad that everything ended up being OK,” Flaming said. “But, being part-time, it seemed like [the evacuation] took forever because I’m supposed to leave after first block, so I was there longer than normal.”

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