School adds new school improvement specialist

Leah Vomhof replaces Jennifer Smith

School improvement specialist Leah Vomhof has replaced former assistant principal Jennifer Smith, who left for another job last spring.

Vomhof, who used to work here as a social studies teacher, is excited for her new job and the school year ahead.

“So far, it’s been very positive,” Vomhof said. “I’ve been very much enjoying being back here.”

Vomhof’s duties range from helping develop PLCs, coordinating testing, distributing textbooks and holding interventions for students who are struggling.

Before she was a school improvement specialist, Vomhof taught social studies at Monticello Trails, Mill Creek and Mill Valley.

However, she enjoys working in a high school setting.

“I like the high school students because of the maturity level,” Vomhof said.

Secretary Lynn Bath thinks Vomhof is doing a great job.

“The beginning of the school year’s so crazy, and she’s always so calm,” Bath said.

Vomhof has made a smooth transition to her new job here.

“I’m enjoying it,” she said, “I get to see the students more.”

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