Scholars’ Bowl team hosts invitational

Members helped set up and run rounds for the tournament on Wednesday, Dec. 5


By Libby Mullican

Conducting a buzzer test, junior Analiese Wilhauk calls out a competitor’s line on Wednesday, Dec. 5.

John Lehan, JagWire reporter/photographer

The Scholars’ Bowl team hosted the Mill Valley Scholars’ Bowl Invitational on Wednesday, Dec. 5. Scholars’ bowl and NHS members set up rooms for tournament use, timed and moderated rounds, operated buzzers and kept team scores.

By Libby Mullican
Labeling volunteers to rooms, junior Eva Burke confirms that everyone is accounted for.

18 teams competed, with St. James Academy taking first, Bishop Miege second, Blue Valley North third and Topeka High fourth.

Mill Valley did not compete, which was a nice change of pace for freshman Aiden Burke.

“Hosting is a lot more relaxed,” Burke said. “We don’t have to get extremely nervous going into all these rounds and actually answering the questions ourselves.”

Competing Scholars’ Bowl teams consisted of five or fewer members. A round moderator asked questions from various categories, ranging from literature arts to mathematics. The first team to buzz in would get to answer the question for points. Hosting the tournament with fellow members was enjoyable according to junior Srikar Turaga.

“It was really fun for me to moderate, being with my friends and all,” Turaga said.

Many types of people can compete due to the wide array of categories, according to Burke.

“Anybody can compete, whether they know a lot about science or math or literature,” Burke said.

Watching the diverse competitors while performing his hosting duties was particularly enjoyable for Turaga.

By Libby Mullican
At the beginning of the first round, senior Nathan Sheehan reads a question.

“Watching the [competitors] do the round [was the best part],” Turaga said. “I know the answer but seeing if they could get it right [was fun].”

The tournament proved successful for Turaga and the rest of the Scholars’ Bowl team.

“I thought [hosting] was going to be really great,” Turaga said. “It [still] superseded [my expectations].”

Experience Scholars’ Bowl by studying common subjects and visiting Mill Valley Scholars’ Bowl’s page.


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