Long supporting Royals fan Ashley Agre celebrates a well earned post-season

Returning to the World Series for the first time in 29 years, Royals fan Ashley Agre speaks of how the team have impacted her life

Elizabeth Fleming, JAG reporter

How long have you been a Royals fan?

I’ve been a Royals fan my whole life. I was born in 1984, and I have pictures of me at the [World Series] game in 1985.

Do you have season tickets?

We did not this year. Two years ago we had season tickets, and we didn’t get to go as much as we liked. Having small children makes that difficult.

Where is your favorite place to sit at Kauffman Stadium?

It depends. If it’s a really hot day I like sitting in the 390 Club because that’s inside and air conditioned. My favorite seat has been the row behind the dugout. This summer we got to sit right behind the dugout and it was awesome. But there’s really not a bad seat in that stadium.

Who is your favorite Royals player?

My favorite player is Raul Ibanez, I’m not going to lie. He hasn’t played once in the post-season, he’s not on the roster but he played for the Royals in the early 2000s and he was my favorite player then. Even though he’s a 42 year old, at-the-end-of-his-career baseball player’, he’s still my favorite.

Have you ever been a fan of any other MLB teams?

Nope. One hundred percent Royals forever. True blue till I die.

How many games do you attend per year?

I’d say by post-season this year we’d probably been to 15-20, but we watch all of them on T.V. or listen to them on the radio. It’s very rare we miss a game.

What was your reaction to the post-season games you attended?

The Wild Card [game] I’ve ever seen sporting event wise. It was right up there with the birth of my children, I’m not kidding. We saw it live, we were there, we experienced the emotions, it was indescribable.

Have you found it to be particularly difficult to support the Royals during seasons they weren’t doing too hot?

Oh, it’s hard. It’s hard to be a Royals fan. Obviously not this year but, you know, there has been so many years when we’ve had 100-loss seasons. The night my oldest son was born , Luke Hochevar was pictching and we lost 13-1 and [my son’s] name is still Lucas Kauffman Agre. We still named him Kauffman. He wasn’t named Luke after Luke Hochevar, that was a coincidence. We were still die-hard fans. We lost 13-1 that night, but it was still awesome. We love this team.

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