Review: Sombrero’s Mexican Cantina

JagWire staffers review dishes from Shawnee’s Sombrero’s Mexican Cantina


Sombreros is a family owned business in Shawnee, located off Midland Dr. Their casual atmosphere is catered to local families.

Aubrey Beashore and Damara Stevens

The smell of sizzling fajitas and the taste of salty chips and spicy salsa are just some of the reasons people love eating Mexican food. Located at 22702 Midland Drive in Shawnee, five minutes from Mill Valley, Sombrero’s Mexican Cantina keeps a steady stream of customers coming back for more.

By Damara Stevens
The Basic Enchilada consists of a corn tortilla with cheese, onions and red sauce. There is also an option to add on meat. The Refried Bean Tostada consists of a fried tortilla with a layer of refried beans, topped with fresh lettuce, tomatoes and cheese.

We were welcomed into the restaurant by hosts with smiles on their faces. It was before the dinner rush, so it was easy to get a table with no wait. We were seated and immediately given chips and salsa. Our food was brought out in less than five minutes, which pleasantly surprised us.

$2.89 The Basic Enchilada:

The Basic Enchilada consists of a corn tortilla with cheese, onions and red sauce. Customers can add on meat, but I stuck with no meat. It was smaller than I expected, obviously not meant to be a meal by itself. The look of the enchilada was only average due to the amount of grease I could see on top of the cheese topping. The salt in the sauce slightly overpowered the flavor of the dish, but it was not unbearable. The cheese on the inside of the tortilla was gooey and melted to perfection; it created a contrast to the harder consistency of the tortilla. The cheese filling melted in my mouth and the spices were delicious.

By Damara Stevens
Among the house specialties, the Chile verde includes seasoned pork, refried beans, rice, and handmade flour tortillas.

$3.99 Refried Bean Tostada:

I ordered the Refried Bean Tostada on the side of my enchilada. It consisted of a tortilla with a layer of refried beans, topped with fresh lettuce, tomatoes and cheese. It looked very appetizing because of the colorful toppings.. The layering allowed me to easily get a bite of each topping. The tortilla grew to be slightly soggy with the beans on top, but I imagine it would be difficult to avoid that.

$10.99 Chili Verde:

With the right combination of pork, rice, and beans, the Chili Verde was very flavorful. Verde, meaning green describes the color of the sauces the pork is served in, and chili describes the mild spice. The refried beans were complemented with tender pork making up for the cold temperature of the beans. Having the brightest item on the plate be the rice, the appearance was lacking in variety. However, the flavor made up for its initial appearance.


By Damara Stevens
Served with a side of lime, the shrimp taco from Sombreros is made up of shrimp, cabbage, and pico de gallo.

$4.99 Shrimp Taco:

Served on a plate and presented with a lime on the side, the shrimp taco was aesthetically pleasing. At first bite, I enjoyed the combination of flavors between the pico de gallo, shrimp and cabbage piled on top of a flour tortilla. Appearing bright pink and the shrimp was perfectly cooked. The overall flavor was sharp and never overpowering.

Looking at our experience as a whole, we were somewhat impressed by Sombrero’s. The atmosphere was great and made our meal enjoyable. Each of the dishes we ordered had their pros and cons. The Basic Enchilada and Chili Verde were both underwhelming. However, we’re impressed by both the appearance and taste of the Refried Bean Tostada and Shrimp Taco. We will be sure to go back again, and try another variety of options in hopes that we are more impressed by the balance of the flavor and appearance of the dishes.


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