Review: River Market Antiques is a fun store filled with unique vintage finds

A four-story warehouse located in the River Market includes a variety of clothes, decor and more

Quinn Franken, JagWire Editor-in-Chief

There are many unique places to visit in downtown Kansas City, one of them being River Market Antiques located at 115 W 5th Street. This antique store has four floors of vintage treasures and amazing hospitality.

When we first entered the store we were greeted by a worker and given a rundown of the store. All customers were offered free cookies, coffee and water and a place to put our bags. The customer service overall was excellent.

During the first moments of being in the store, it was very overwhelming to see so many random items surrounding us. But, once we started walking around and focusing on all the little things and antiques, it was very fun.

The top three floors were filled with random antique items , some very old and some newer. The antiques were placed with others like it, but there was no true order to the shop. There were new things around every corner of the store.

The basement of the shop was filled with clothes. There was everything from hats, to pants, to jackets and sweatshirts, and a wide variety of jeans. There were fitting rooms that were available to try on any of the items you picked out. There was no specific style of clothes in the store. We found bomber jackets, vintage college sweatshirts, Levi jeans and a Gucci purse.

I would say everything in the store was decently priced. I bought a vintage car poster for $50 and looked at small cat figurines that were $12. They had things ranging from a $1,500 antique stove to $1 postcards. Overall the pricing was good for the unique items they had.

I would highly recommend visiting River Market Antiques, especially in the summertime when you can eat and walk around the River Market. With the shop being so large, it would take two or more hours to walk around it in its entirety and see everything. So, if you are looking for something to do this spring break or during the summer, go down to River Market Antiques.

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