Review: plant-based fast foods

With plant-based foods on the rise, I tried two popular fast-food vegetarian items


Sophie Sena, JagWire reporter/photographer

The vegan whopper at Burger King, around since 2019, was tried by the JagWire staff on April 11. (By Liz Coenen)
After eight years, Chipotle now offers a new meatless option to customers; plant-based chorizo. This new menu option was experimented by the JagWire staff on April 11 (By Liz Coenen)

I recently went to Chipotle and Burger King to try their plant-based foods because I was curious to see how good the plant-based foods would taste.

There have been several fast food chains that have recently started adding plant-based meat options to their menus in order to allow for more vegetarian options. This increased after the introduction of the Impossible Whopper by Burger King. After this, many fast food chains realized how profitable vegetarian options could be.

The first option I tried was from Chipotle. I got a burrito bowl with the plant-based chorizo instead of the meat options. The first thing that I noticed was the flavor. The chorizo was absolutely delicious, not only did it taste like meat, it had the same texture as well. 

It was also great in the fact that the flavor went well with the other toppings and it was not bland at all. This option is also vegan for those who do not eat any animal products.

Overall, the Chipotle plant-based chorizo is totally worth a shot and I would recommend it to anyone, whether they are vegetarian or not.

The other plant-based “meat” that I tried was the Impossible Whopper from Burger King.

The Impossible Whopper was one of the first plant-based meats to reach a mainstream audience; for this reason I absolutely had to try it.

Pricewise, there is not much of a difference between the plant-based food and the normal options. The Impossible Whopper is only about a dollar more depending on what location you are at. Compared to the Chipotle Chorizo, the Impossible Whopper was not great. However, it wasn’t too bad either, it was just kind of mediocre.

The texture was similar to that of a normal burger but the flavor was a little off. It didn’t really taste like meat to me and I don’t think that I would get the Impossible Whopper again.

Overall, the Impossible Whopper was just okay. I wouldn’t recommend it to someone simply because it isn’t that great at imitating what meat is. However, for imitation meat, the Impossible Whopper could have been worse.

These two foods have definitely shown the possibilities for what is to come for more plant-based options on menus. Of course, I am happy that more plant-based options are being explored because it allows for more people who are vegetarian to be able to eat more convenient and cheap food.

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