Returning senior basketball player describes her expectations for this season

Senior Carly Eaton shares her goals and how her team has changed this year


By Photo by Miranda Miller

Senior Carly Eaton is excited to participate in this year season

The girls basketball season is in full swing as the Lady Jags return to the court after suffering a loss at the state championship game. Senior power forward Carly Eaton is one of the only returning players from last year’s record setting team. Carly said that being one of the only players from last year’s team has been a new experience for her.

“It’s different, it took a lot of adjusting,” Eaton said. “Those girls were my best friends and I’m not as close with this year’s group of girls.”

This year Eaton said she has taken on new responsibilities and is someone her teammates can look up to.

“I have completely switched positions,” Eaton said. “I have had to become a leader my senior year.”

Before Eaton’s season began she worked to exceed and grow as a player.

“I had to improve over the summer and we practiced nonstop three hours a day after tryouts,” Eaton said.

Eaton said that team differs in many way compared to last year team.

“This team is pretty young and doesn’t have much experience,” Eaton said. “We need to pass that and just play.”

Eaton is looking forward to playing some league rivals this season.

“I’m most excited just to play,” Eaton said. “I’m also excited to play Bonner this year.”

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