Relay for Life rally has high attendance

Student-run Relay for Life meeting held on Wednesday, Jan. 27, with almost 300 people in attendance


By Kaitlyn Buisch

Seniors Megan Feuerborn and Isabel Crain discuss to crowd of students and staff about Relay for Life event, on Wednesday, Jan. 27.

Lauren Ocker, JAG editor-in-chief

On Wednesday, Jan. 27, students gathered in the theater for an informational meeting about the school’s first-ever Relay for Life event.

Relay for Life is a fundraiser by the American Cancer Society, where a community comes together and fights cancer by hosting events to raise money for cancer research. The movement attracts over 4 million people every year to raise awareness and money to save lives.

The school’s Relay for Life event will be held at Jaguar Stadium starting at 6 p.m on Fri. April 1 and ending Sat. April 2 at 6 a.m. The event will be a 12-hour experience where teams of 4-20 people participate in games, activities and laps around the track. At the beginning of the event, there will be a lap dedicated to cancer survivors, including anyone who currently has cancer.

Not only was senior event chair Isabel Crain surprised by the meeting’s turnout, but she also was shocked at the amount of people who have already signed up to participate at the event.

“I was thinking more along the lines of 15-20 teams, and after our first day of sign ups we have 18 student teams and 15 teachers who are interested in forming teams,” Crain said.

For Crain, being a part of the organization is something that personally touches her heart.

“Eighth grade or freshman year, one of my best friend’s mom was diagnosed with cancer for the third time and that time she actually passed away,” Crain said. “I relay for her — it’s just kind of my way of showing support for her and her family and do anything I can to help anyone in that situation.”

Senior team recruitment chair Michaela Crispin loves how the cause binds people.

“Just meeting all of these people and how something horrible can bring people together [is my favorite part],” Crispin said. “A lot of the people that we have met from Relay for Life have done so much for other people and help raise money for cancer, so I think that’s really cool.”

According to Crain, the event is a bonding experience for everyone involved.

“My favorite part is probably when the community comes together and every single person there is affected by cancer,” Crain said. “I think it’s just one of those bonding moments, we’re in this together and we can fight it together and make a difference.”

Crispin sees the experience as a fulfilling one.

“There are so many reasons why Relay for Life is a really good thing to become a part of — not only the obvious reason that you get to help people and raise money for cancer research, but getting to come together with your school and do something worthwhile,” Crispin said. “[The events] are a blast, they’re so much fun.”

Crain anticipates the event to be a fun and influential occasion.

“It is the Mill Valley community coming together fighting cancer, and I think it’s going to be extremely powerful,” Crain said. “I think people are going to be changed by it.”

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