Relay for Life hosts annual Bark for Life

Community members gathered at the event Saturday, Oct. 8 to help Relay for Life raise money for the American Cancer Society

Seville Skinner

Alonnah Gage and Abby Warren

After many months of planning, Relay for Life hosted its annual Bark for Life event, Saturday, Oct. 8 in front of Monticello Trails Middle School. With students and community members attending the event, Relay exceeded their goal of money raised.

Being the chair of the event, senior Ashlyn Elliott had many responsibilities throughout the entirety of the event.

“I worked with registration, had the mic to make some announcements and I kind of just supervised the event,” Elliott said. “I became a chair for Relay for Life because it’s something I’m passionate about and cancer has affected my family, and I just wanted to make a difference.”

Many community members attended the event to help Relay raise the money they needed, one of those members being junior Renee Steinle. Steinle brought her dog Spaetzle because she thought it would be a fun way for her to hang out with other dogs and they were able to help raise money for cancer research.

“I thought [the other dogs] were all well behaved and looked like they were having a lot of fun,” Steinle said. 

The environment of the event was very successful and enjoyable for everyone. Elliott described her favorite parts of the atmosphere. 

“I loved the environment. I think it’s a cool way of bonding when everyone brings their dogs and has fun with each other,” Elliott said.

Overall, Bark for Life was extremely successful this year with lots of money raised and many community members attending and bringing their dogs to have fun. Steinle enjoyed being at the event but definitely enjoyed all the dogs.

“My favorite part was all the fun stuff for dogs and seeing all the dogs playing with each other,” Steinle said.

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