Reel Talk: Did Beyonce save this week?


Jillian Leiby, JagWire opinions editor

Every time I see a trailer for “Mother’s Day” (which can be a lot if you want to watch any YouYube video), I become more and more disgusted. Technically the third in a trilogy of “holiday films” directed by Garry Marshall, “Mother’s Day” is a movie about connected vignettes of stories pertaining to parenthood. Just like the former movies, “Valentine’s Day” and “New Year’s Eve,” the movie has an ensemble cast of relatively famous actors (if you could call some of them that).  

The entire series is ridiculous. When I was young and fresh onto the movie scene, “Valentine’s Day” was a fun romcom with Taylor Swift in it. Now, it’s a ridiculous attempt at cashing in on people’s fame. When I first watched the trailer for “Mother’s Day,” I thought it was a parody trailer from the likes of “Saturday Night Live.” And, what’s with Julia Roberts’ wig?

The biggest question when it comes to these movies is why so many successful actors agree to be in them. They are really terrible, and they just keep getting worse. Why would successful actors, like Julia Roberts and Jennifer Aniston, choose to sign onto these cheese fests? I don’t know, and it may not be my business. All I know is that my mom wants to go see the movie for Mother’s Day (the holiday) and I am terrified.

I needed something to cheer me up from the drab movies that have come out this week and last week. And then, Beyonce’s visual album came out, and I was saved.

I anticipated “Lemonade” so much that I made a Tidal account (which I will promptly cancel after my free trial) in order to watch the video in full. Now, I’m just waiting for me to not be so broke so I can buy the whole album on iTunes.

The entire album is absolutely amazing — the kind of album that has iconic songs one after the other. The variety, from rock to rap, country to pop, emphasizes Beyonce as an icon. I’m no music expert (and I sure don’t believe music videos are the most important thing), but, after watching the entire hourlong video special, I only appreciate the songs more.

I call it the Terrence Malick musical. It’s shot like how the famed director shoots: All beautiful cinematography and spiritual dialogue. (The poetry in the interludes make you feel emotions you didn’t know you had,) It made me respect and believe in Beyonce more than I already did.

So, you should really watch it. I’m going to watch it again right now. And maybe I’ll even pay money for it.

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