Read and Review offers pre-released books to students

Students picked out pre-released books to read with the purpose of giving feedback to the authors


By Kristen Garrett

While looking at one of the books available for review, freshman Callie Roberts and freshman Joan Downey laugh in the library on Wednesday, Jan. 25.

Annika Lehan, JAG editor-in-chief

Picking out books for Read and Review, students gathered in the library on Wednesday, Jan. 25 during seminar. Read and Review is an annual event that allows students to read books and give feedback to the authors before the books are actually released. Read and Review is hosted through the Young Adult Library Services Association, more commonly known as YALSA.

Read and Review is a good opportunity to determine the quality of a book as well as further discuss it, according to senior Sydney Williamson.

“[Read and Review] is just [to] distinguish the good and the bad books and get to see other people’s perspective on the books [and to] see the thoughts and ideas that they had while reading the books,” Williamson said. “[Also] to see if you can compare your thoughts and ideas to make a bigger solution [and] enjoy the book a lot more.”

Books that needed to be reviewed were labeled with a sticker containing information on how to review it once it was finished. Newly released books were also available to the students, although they no longer needed to be reviewed.

According to junior Graham Wilhauk, Read and Review is beneficial.

“It gets people more into reading because books can get a little expensive if you are a collector. This system gives you [books] for free that seem really interesting,” Wilhauk said.

If a student does not wish to continue the book they are reading, they are allowed to exchange for another. Students are also given the chance to pick out another novel when they finish reviewing a book.

Through this program, students can give honest opinions about how they thought the book was.

“[What] I look for is if it’s a good novel and I’m kind of harsh with my ratings. I don’t take reviews lightly. I do want to give the author massive constructive criticism,” Wilhauk said.  “At the same time I really, I love reviewing books it’s my passion in life both that and writing. It’s just phenomenal.”

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