Quiz Bowl team takes first at Maranatha Christian Academy tournament

The win is the team's first of the season and will help advance the team to regionals


By Claire Boone

The quiz bowl team briefly discusses a math question at a meet at Maranatha Christian Academy. The team swept the competition and won the meet on Wednesday, Jan. 18.

Alison Booth, JagWire editor-in-chief

The Quiz Bowl team placed first at its tournament at Maranatha Christian Academy on Thursday, Jan. 18. The win will take the team to regionals, which will be held on Thursday, Jan. 1 at St. James Academy.

According to senior team captain Sam Phipps, the team found its “groove” and “finally worked well as a team” at the tournament.

“We covered all of the categories with at least two people to make sure we had all information covered,” Phipps said.

Additionally, Phipps said he has seen the team’s comradery grow since the start of the season.

“We’ve become more of a team than individual players, and have gained more confidence as the season has progressed,” Phipps said.

Senior Quiz Bowl member Tom Colling agrees, and partially accredited this newfound coordination to the team’s newest members.

We’ve become more of a team than individual players.”

— senior Quiz Bowl captain Sam Phipps

“The team has improved a lot; there are a lot of new members on varsity, whether they were JV or completely new, so there was a lot of room to grow and I think we have surpassed expectations,” Colling said.

To help get ready for the regional tournament, Phipps said the team wants to work on focusing on individual strengths.

“We need to individualize our specific categories and study them so we have more specific and in-depth knowledge of our own categories,” Phipps said.

Likewise, Colling said the team as a whole “needs to brush up on certain subjects.”

Both Phipps and Colling hope the team will do well at regionals in order to make it to the later state tournament.

Colling said he is proud of the team’s win.

“It felt great to have the first win of the season,” Colling said. “We had come close many times, so it is nice to see our hard work having good results.”

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