Quiz Bowl sweeps KVL meet

Quiz Bowl league team members are ecstatic about victory


By Abigail Archibong

At the league KVL meet on Wednesday, Feb. 3, seniors Rohit Biswas and Jacob Hubert and junior Tom McClain, listen intently as the speaker asks the next question

Tricia Drumm, Mill Valley News editor-in-chief

The Quiz Bowl league team went undefeated at the KVL meet on Wednesday, Feb. 3.

The league team — composed of seniors Rohit Biswas, Jack Booth, Patrick Gambill and Jacob Hubert and juniors Tom McClain and Ben Stadler — won all six of the rounds it competed in, and did not compete in the first round due to a bye. The team came in first, followed by Basehor-Linwood and Lansing.

Biswas, the league team captain, was overjoyed about the team’s overall result.

“It’s been a year since we’ve last been on our league run before, and last year we had basically a similar team, but after some of our team members left … we had some gaps there, so in different categories we wouldn’t be getting them,” Biswas said. “But, in every single round today, we got at least two out of the three questions in every single category, so that kind of showed how strong we are overall for the team.”

Also satisfied with the outcome of the competition, Booth does not credit the team’s success to having the meet at home.

“[Coach Mary Beth Mattingly] kind of gives some moderately difficult questions for league and makes sure that we don’t know anything about them or anything,” Booth said. “I don’t really think there’s like a ‘home field’ advantage like there is with football.”

To Biswas, the most challenging aspect of this meet was trying to defeat the team’s rival, Lansing.

“Every single year, Lansing always does really well and they always finish — well they used to always finish — second, right behind us,” Biswas said. “Last year, I believe we beat them in our finals round. They took second last year at regionals, they finished second last year at state, they took second behind us.”

That kind of showed how strong we are overall for the team”

— senior Rohit Biswas

Under Biswas’ lead, Booth believes that the league team’s performance has definitely improved.

“He’s very good at sitting in the middle and deciding,” Booth said. “There will be a bunch of people discussing an answer and unsure of whether or not they should buzz in. He’s the type of person that can just really go for it and do it.”

The strength of the league team, according to Biswas, is that everyone is well-versed in a different type of question.

“We take every single category and we have someone that just specializes in every intricacy of it. Like Tom McClain — great on social studies. Ben Stadler — brilliant on fine arts. I mean, I’m good on biology and anatomy,” Biswas said. “Patrick Gambill’s got the other half of chemistry and physics covered for me. We’ve got Jack with current events. It’s just a nice system that we have rolling.”

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