Quiz Bowl places sixth at De Soto meet

Out of 36 teams, the team placed with records of 9-0 for the senior team and 6-3 for the junior team


By Victoria Wright

During a question about the periodic table, seniors Tom Colling and Jarod Griggs discuss the answer. In the quiz bowl tournament at De Soto High School on Tuesday, Nov. 28, Mill Valley had two teams compete and finished in sixth place out of 36 teams.

Alison Booth, JagWire editor-in-chief

The Quiz Bowl team placed sixth out of 36 teams in its meet at De Soto High School on Tuesday, Nov. 28. The team brought two teams to the meet: a senior team, who finished the meet with a record of 9-0, and a junior team that finished with a 6-3 record.

At the meet, since there was such a large number of teams present, teams competed in pools of nine. According to senior member Sam Phipps, this set-up worked well.

By Victoria Wright
Pressing the buzzer, senior Sam Phipps looks to the judge to see if his answer is correct.

“It didn’t seem overwhelming because we only played 11 total rounds,” Phipps said. “It was fun to play against teams we hadn’t yet had the chance to play against.”

According to Phipps, although the meet was fast-paced, team members kept up to speed through communication.

“We were quick to the buzzers and confident in our answers,” Phipps said. “We were able to talk to each other and communicate well.”

Senior member Landon Butler agrees that the team did well, and credited this performance to the specialties of team members.

“I believe we did very well in social sciences, mathematics and science questions,” Butler said. “These questions fit into the strong-suits of the senior team, and we used these sections to gain the majority of our points.”

However, both Butler and Phipps noted that the team was weak in the fine arts and language arts categories.

Butler hopes that throughout the rest of the season, the team will continue to strive for success.

By Victoria Wright
As senior Tom Colling works on a math problem, seniors Jarod Griggs, Sam Phipps and Nora Lucas watch to see if he gets the correct answer.

“We have the talent to win a few of our upcoming tournaments, so I’d like to see us all compete at our peak ability and win a couple of them,” Butler said.

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