Q&A with sophomore Maria Guilford

Sophomore Maria Guilford has transformed her fun hobby into a way to give back to the community


By Photo by Miranda Miller

Sophomore Maria Guilford has been making art since first grade. Currently her art is sold at local art fairs and auctions.

What got you interested in art?

It’s just been really fun for me and I’ve always enjoyed making things. I started very young in the first grade. I have taken a lot of art classes ever since. Art is just a hobby that I love to do.

What type of art do you do?

 I do mixed media, so basically everything. That is what category my artwork is under during my art auctions.

What is your favorite part about being an artist?

 I just enjoy thinking about what I’m going to do and how I can change things or create things. I love seeing the end product and seeing all my hard work pay off.

What charities have you given your artwork to?

 I’ve been a part of an art auction called Art Unleashed for three years now and all the proceeds from my work go to the Greater Humane Society of Kansas City. Also I have been making some projects to be sold this December at Hollis Renewal Center.

What were some of the results of your auctions?

 My first project went for $75, which was amazing because I was not expecting it. My next project went for $35, and then this year I got $20 for my piece. I’m just happy that they sold because all the money I make of them goes to charity.

What is your favorite thing to make?

 Well my favorite thing I have made is my cardboard horses. This is where I painted a canvas and designed horses made out of cardboard and other materials. This piece is the one that I sold at my art auction. I also really love to make things out of glass.

What is your purpose for making your artwork?

Well for some of my pieces it is just to give back to the community. It was a bonus to me that the money raised went to an animal shelter. Also it is a release for me because I don’t do any sports.

What types of people buy your art?

 My art is sold at auctions open to the general public. Since I have only been doing this for three years not many people have bought my art yet. Coming up in December I will have some art projects that will be for sale that my mom and I created at Hollis Renewal center. Hollis Renewal Center is a religious organization that has retreats for people and also supports the girls and boy scouts organizations.  All the money made from our work will go to support Hollis.

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