Q and A with StuCo vice president candidate Victoria Kilkenny

Katie Linsey, reporter

Sophomore Tori Kilkenny

1. Why are you running for student body office?

I want to have a bigger influence on the school because I feel as a class representative I don’t live up to my potential.

2. What makes you qualified for the position of vice president?

I represent many aspects of Mill Valley because I’m in so many clubs and activities. I’ve been in student council before and I’ve been in many leadership positions.

3. What sets you apart from the other candidates?

My charisma.

4. Why do you think student council is an important aspect of school?

We do so much behind the scenes. If it wasn’t for us, the things we do wouldn’t be fun. We make the school more interactive for students.

5. What are your goals for next year, if elected?

Make the assemblies and Homecoming week as fun as possible. Get as many people involved in school spirit as possible.

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