Q and A with StuCo treasurer candidate Jasmine Hitt

Ryan Fullerton, reporter

Sophomore Jasmine Hitt

1. Why are you running for student body office?

Because I like being a part of StuCo and I was treasurer freshman year and I would like to be it again.

2. What makes you qualified for the position of treasurer?

I’ve been a part of StuCo both years and I do a lot of extracurricular activities.

3. What sets you apart from the other candidates?

I’ve been in StuCo longer than she [treasurer candidate sophomore Maegann Parsons] has, through elementary and middle school and I was treasurer freshmen year so I have more experience.

4. Why do you think student council is an important aspect of school?

Because it helps organize the dances and it gets students involved in the pep assemblies and it does fundraisers too.

5. What are your goals for next year, if elected?

I’m going to make the dances more enjoyable and I’m going to make the school a better place.

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