Q and A with StuCo secretary candidate Olivia Harding

Josh Duden, news editor

1. Why are you running for student body office?

Well first, a lot of my friends are and also I really care about a lot of the stuff at school and I want to make stuff fun and also as a student body officer you have more influence for change.

2. What makes you qualified for the position of secretary?

I am always really organized and everything I do and I am good at time management because I do a lot of activities besides stuCo.

3. What sets you apart from the other candidates?

I have new ideas and I want to make them happen, so that is different I think.

4. Why do you think student council is an important aspect of school?

StuCo does a lot of stuff for the school and we make a lot of decisions in place of the student body, so we make things happen and create opportunities that most wouldn’t normally have.

5. What are your goals for next year, if elected?

If elected I want to make pep assemblies better by getting the whole school involved instead of just a couple of people and I want to have more benefits when students do good stuff, like opting out of finals or having half day finals, but it will be hard to make that happen in a year.

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