Purple bomb is held to promote Relay for Life team sign-ups

The Relay for Life committee decorated the foyer in purple decorations during the annual purple bomb to promote Relay for Life team sign-ups Monday, Feb. 21

Sophia Estes, JAG reporter/writer

The Relay for Life Committee decorated the foyer for the annual purple bomb Monday, Feb. 21. The event serves the purpose of getting the student body excited and helping to promote Relay for Life team sign-ups 

Chair of the decorations committee senior Maddy Williams explains why they hold purple bomb. 

“The purpose of purple bomb is to hype up Relay for Life,” Williams said. “We usually do purple bomb around team sign-up time, so it helps us get the word out there and get people thinking about signing up for relay.”

Subcommittee member senior Brock Olson reflects on how the event turned out and how the decorations corresponded with the event theme “Game night.” 

“I think purple bomb went great this year because we have a ton of committee members who did a good job of decking the whole foyer out in purple,” Olson said. “The whole area is filled with everything purple and follows a very cool theme.”

Additionally, Williams shares why she believes purple bomb is important.

“Purple bomb is bright and in your face. There are decorations everywhere,” Williams said. “Since it is out of the ordinary for normal school daily life, it really stands out to students. I think this in itself helps bring awareness and get students interested.”

Overall, with purple bomb ending successfully, Olson describes how he feels about the upcoming Relay for Life event taking place Saturday, April 23.

“I feel really good about this year’s Relay for Life,” Olson said. “Our committee has done a great job preparing for it and I think that a lot of students will be ready to participate in April.”

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