Psychology club hosts first guest speaker

Licensed clinical psychotherapist Lane Laird spoke to students about his career


By Desola Omoniyi

The guest speaker, a psychotherapist, Lane Laird smiles while answering a question on Friday, March 2.

Anika Roy, JagWire editor-in-chief

The newly founded Psychology club hosted its first guest speaker, licensed clinical psychotherapist Lane Laird, on Friday, March 2. Laird shared to members of the club, as well as students enrolled in both Psychology and AP Psychology courses, about his career path and the responsibilities his job entails.

The event came to be through the help of psychology club officer senior Miranda Toland who reached out to Laird, her uncle. Club members had discussed trying to bring in a professional in a field of psychology that many were interested in. According to sponsor Kirsten Crandall, this growing, student-led aspect of the psychology club provides students with many possibilities to explore their interest of the subject matter.

“I think one of the exciting things about the club is that it is very much still developing and evolving; it’s still kind of figuring itself out,” Crandall said. “One of the best opportunities that it provides is the chance to take stuff that you thought was cool in psychology class or you think might be interesting to explore more, and having some time to do that and the freedom to say ‘hey, this sounded cool, let’s do this.’”

Club representative senior Andres Rico attended the presentation because of his strong desire to enter Laird’s specific field.

“[I came] because of my personal interest in learning more about the field of psychotherapy, I really want to get into it myself,” Rico said. “I just really love the field and being able to help people.”

Hopeful for a future dedicated to helping others through psychology, Rico believes his attendance allowed him to understand the steps he needs to take in order work toward his ideal career.

“I learned mostly what’s involved in getting there,” Rico said. “Also, just some things to keep in mind, especially what my future might consist of going into that field or the types of things I want to be involved with.”

His first time ever speaking to a group of students about psychology, specifically his field of expertise, Laird himself was excited that students such as Rico displayed such an interest.

“It’s always nice knowing that there’s people out there interested in what you do,” Laird said. “I like to share that knowledge and maybe get some more people interested to continue the field in mental health and keep people excited about it.”

After the approximately 40-minute presentation by Laird, Crandall was pleased by the event’s success.

“I think it went great,” Crandall said. “Any time that students can hear about something not from their parents or their teachers, it is going to naturally … carry a little more meaning and a little bit more weight. To meet someone who is actually doing and putting into practice the things that we discuss just makes everything more real, more personal and a more possible.”

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