Prom Committee prepares for the dance

The committee puts together table pieces and decorations for the 2014 prom venue


In preparation for the 2014 prom, the prom committee met after school on Monday, April 7 to continue their plans and construction of decorations to make the dance as great as possible.

Since prom is at a new venue this year, The Madrid Theatre, the committee had to experiment with different ideas for decoration.   Junior Maridee Weber said the decorations the committee chose will dazzle up The Madrid Theatre.

“The decorations will hopefully brighten up the space a lot,” Weber said.  “All of the pieces have a lot of jewels and shiny parts to reflect the light; centerpieces, chandeliers, everything.”

Along with the decorations fitting the high expectations of The Madrid Theatre, they also fit the Gatsby theme for the prom.

“The Gatsby theme is all about being classy yet dazzling, and I think our decorations definitely fit those guidelines,” Weber said.


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