Photo Gallery: Physical Education: Dec. 15

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  • In the weight room on Tuesday, Nov. 24, senior Koy Holden gets ready in his stance to hang clean. “[I took strength and conditioning] to get faster and stronger and to work out before golf season,” Holden said.

  • To win possession of the ball, freshman Derek Wiedner attempts to block freshman James Smith’s shot on Tuesday, Dec. 1.

  • In anticipation of a timed sprint, junior Sam Andres prepares to do the five-ten-five on Tuesday, Dec. 1. “You run five yards, then you run ten yards and then you run another five yards,” Andres said.

  • With the recent addition of the turf, the freshmen girls P.E. classes are able to play on the field; just as freshmen Erin Miller does on Thursday, Nov. 19. “We’ve played inside [before], but it was a lot better on the turf,” Miller said. “We got the full experience by getting to play on the same field that the football players do.”

  • Running down the field during tag football on Thursday, Nov. 19, freshmen Adelle Warford smiles.

  • With a clear view, freshmen Delaney Kemp gets ready to throw the football on Thursday, Nov. 19.

  • After getting in strike in lifetime fitness class on Wednesday, Dec. 2, junior Brooke Haring celebrates.

  • After throwing the bowling ball, senior Jack Nielsen waits in anticipation to see how many pins get knocked down on Wednesday, Dec. 2.

  • While in physical education teacher Travis Keal’s lifetime fitness class on Wednesday, Dec. 2, senior Shane Calkins throws the bowling ball down the lane.

  • After bowling his turn, senior Garret Fields reacts while turning to his opponents on Wednesday, Dec. 2.

  • Bringing the ball back, senior Lucas Krull winds up to bowl on Wednesday, Dec. 2.

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