Photo Gallery: First round girls state basketball: first half

Jags end first half leading 33-32

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  • Sophomore Evan Zars plays defense.

  • With her flute in hand, sophomore Rikki McCall plays with the rest of the band.

  • Junior Ashlyn Hendrix shoots a free throw.

  • Approaching the basket, junior Courtney Carlson dribbles up.

  • Sophomore Evan Zars makes a run across the court.

  • Junior Courtney Carlson goes up to shoot.

  • With the defense closing in, junior Courtney Carlson passes to freshman Claire Kaifes.

  • Senior Catie Kaifes goes up for a shot.

  • At the start of the game, senior Catie Kaifes jumps for the tip off.

  • Freshman Presley Barton looks to pass to a teammate.

  • Freshman Claire Kaifes guards the basket.

  • With a Mustang on the ground, Jaguar defense closes in.

  • Boxing out the opponent, junior Ashlyn Hendrix keeps an eye on the ball.

  • Avoiding the defense, senior Catie Kaifes puts up a shot.

  • Freshman Claire Kaifes goes up for a layup.

  • Senior Catie Kaifes and junior Courtney Carlson bump fists prior to the start of the game.

  • Junior Ashlyn Hendrix shoots the ball.

  • Senior Catie Kaifes looks at her teammates to find where to pass the ball.

  • Junior Courtney Carlson passes the ball to her teammate.

  • Freshman Claire Kaifes turns towards the basket.

  • Sophomore Evan Zars looks at the basket.

  • Junior Courtney Carlson blocks the ball.

  • Coach John McFall encourages his team.

  • Senior Isabel Crain plays her saxophone during the game.

  • As Salina attempts a free throw, seniors Tyler Shurley, Marisa Macias and Ally Henderson yell to distract the shooter.

  • Senior boys basketball players Clayton Holmberg, Logan Koch and Jaison Widmer cheer on the girls team with the rest of the student section as they compete against Salina Central.

  • Surrounded by Salina Central opponents, junior Ashlyn Hendrix attempts to shoot.

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