P.E. expansions may not have been enough

By Emily Johnson

Sarah Fulton, sports editor

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The numbers are impressive, 20 weight stations and 10 dumbell stations. However the new weight room has failed to live up to the hype that surrounded it during construction. A total of 1,550 square feet were added to the weight room to bring it from 1,400 feet to 2,950 square feet.

Despite the improvements in both equipment and space, there are questions on whether or not the renovation was enough. Currently the weight room plays host to football, softball, girls soccer and a few track students who utilize it during the after school weights program. Softball coach Sarah Haub appreciates the update but feels the weight room could still be improved.

“I like everything about it. There is better and newer equipment,” Haub said. “[If I could change it] I would just make it bigger, it would allow more kids and more activities.”

According to Haub, the lack of space prevents the coaches from doing activities that would benefit the athletes. Junior Lindsay Mason, who uses the weight room both during Cardio Lift and after school for training, agrees with Haub.

“The weight room is crowded most of the time. Even though it’s bigger than last year there are quite a bit more people,” Mason said. “People are more likely to get hurt and people get in the way of what you trying to do.”

According to assistant football coach T.J. O’Neill, there are approximately 70 to 90 kids in the after school weights program. However this does not create a space issue.

“It is tough to say anything negative. We have a lot more than most people have,” O’Neill said. “We have it set up they way it is for a reason, it allows for people to work in groups. If I could change anything I would have more kids.”

Like O’Neill, head football coach Joel Applebee feels the weight room is sufficient.

“I don’t believe we have a space issue. Our weight room is one of the nicest around with excellent equipment,” Applebee said.”We are very lucky to have the facilities we have.”

Junior Taylor Christy, who attended De Soto High School during her freshman year and now uses the weight room during fitness, agrees with Applebee but does feel that at times the weight room can become crowded.

“At De Soto they just have the basics. This one is 18 times nicer and has a lot more up-to-date equipment,” Christy said. “Right now I think everything is okay; there are just a lot of people wanting to do the same things at the same times so it gets clustered.”

Besides adding more space, how to improve the weight room is also up for debate.

“I think they do a good job with what they have,” Mason said. “It would make an additional weight room or different scheduling might help.”

Even though it is desirable, another addition to the weight room is unlikely due to a lack of space to expand the school.

“I think right now we can do 100 to 120 kids,” O’Neill said. “As the school grows potentially we could have a problem but at that point there are many considerations besides the weight room.”

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