Our school should have vending machines

Students deserve access to a quick snack between classes


Sophie Lecuru, JagWire assistant editor

Our school’s halls lack one important piece that can be found in most other schools: vending machines. While the seniors at our school experienced the luxury of vending machines their freshman year, they have since been removed. Vending machines should be accessible to students at our school again because they could keep students energized and healthy.

If our school were to have vending machines, students’ overall morale would be higher. The cheap snacks could give students the energy they need to get through their four blocks per day.

In addition, sometimes the time allowed for lunch just isn’t long enough to give us the energy we need. Vending machines could help with this by allowing us access to a quick snack between classes.

Some may say vending machines promote unhealthy eating habits among kids, but there are several solutions to this.

First, healthy snacks could be the only options offered in the vending machines if we were to finally get them. However, I think students should have the right to choose whether or not they want something healthy or unhealthy to eat. They are responsible enough to know how to fuel their body with the food that is best for them, personally.

Second, the school already requires physical education freshman year, therefore helping to maintain the students’ health. Students have earned the right to vending machines through all the workouts they completed freshman year.

Not only would vending machines benefit the students, but it would also benefit everyone involved in the school district. The profits from the vending machines could be useful to the underfunded district.

Vending machines would be a big asset to the students and faculty at our school if we were to get them. After all, if other schools are allowed vending machines, our school should have the same privilege.

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