NHS makes cards to send to troops overseas

Members of NHS had the opportunity to spend time making holiday cards to send to soldiers overseas Friday, Nov. 19 and Monday, Nov. 22

Sophia Yang, JAG reporter/writer

NHS held a group event Friday, Nov. 19 and Monday, Nov. 22 to make and send holiday cards to troops overseas to thank them for their service and share appreciation during the holiday season. Members could either attend the event in the senior cafe or make their cards on their own time and deliver them to a location.

NHS officer senior Ella Tow signed up for the event because she believed it was for a good cause and an opportunity to spend time with friends. 

“I signed up to make the cards because I really enjoy making cards and supporting our troops overseas,” Tow said. “I did the in-person one to get a group event for NHS and because it is just more fun to be able to bounce ideas off other students. It gave me some time to hang out with my NHS group and NHS friends.”

Junior Halee Evans also signed up for a similar reason. 

“Signing up gave me the opportunity to thank soldiers overseas for their service,” Evans said. “When they are away from home, especially during the holidays, thanking them can do a lot.”

Tow believed that this opportunity was important and encouraged others to volunteer and contribute to the community. 

“I think it’s important to volunteer for opportunities like these because people often don’t realize how much something as small as a card can help,” Tow said. “I think volunteering in general is great because it’s a way to give back to the community and a way for you to put others before yourself.”

Since the troops are away from home, Tow believed the cards had a positive effect on the soldiers and gave them a feeling of home. 

“I know it can be rough emotionally [overseas],” Tow said. “With the cards, it can bring a little bit of joy and a message from home to help them get through any rough patches.”

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