New York Dawg Pound brings a twist to the traditional hot dog

Sarah Fulton, managing editor

The thick New York accent of co-owner Sal Frustaci greets you as you walk through the door of New York Dawg Pound. The ambiance continues with walls lined with graffiti and simple tan tables that create an open and low key atmosphere. Frustaci and his partner, Will Brown, man the front of the restaurant themselves, and it reflects in the quality of the restaurant’s signature hot dogs.

I got the Bulldawg and the Ol’ Blue. The Bulldawg comes sopping with warm chili that could have been a meal of its own, cheese, onions and mustard. The chili had a small amount of spice to give it a kick without overpowering the hot dog. The chili and bun combined to make a hot dog so big that I had to try and angle it to get it in my mouth. Once I finally did, the chili and onions came pouring out the side and got everywhere, but honestly that was half the fun.

The Ol’ Blue was topped with barbecue sauce, onion straws and a pickle, making it a dog that lacks the safety of a simple chili cheese dog and is definitely for the more adventurous eater. The barbecue sauce, like the chili, had just enough flavor to give the hot dog a unique taste, but the true star of the Ol’ Blue was the onion straws. Piled high, they had a light taste that was almost sweet, not to mention completely addicting.

The only faults I could find in the restaurant were that my shoes stuck to the floor and the women’s restroom door didn’t lock, but after a great hot dog, it did not bother me much.

Overall, the New York Dawg Pound is a unique and worthwhile dining experience. Visit them at 7702 Shawnee Mission Parkway .

Overall score, four out of five stars.

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