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By Baylen Monson

New secretary Leslie Secretary Leslie Wilson stands by the wall next to the school seal in the main office

New secretary looks forward to getting involved

Leslie Wilson discusses her love for sports and a new atmosphere

Mill Valley News: What is your background?

Secretary Leslie WilsonBefore [the school], I was in sales. I’m a mom of four children, I have a daughter that goes here, and I really wanted to be on the same schedule as the kids. So that’s why I switched over to the building secretary here at Mill Valley High School.

MVNWhat do you do in your free time?

LWI like to golf. I’m on a co-ed volleyball team on Friday night. Also, I’m on a co-ed softball team. We’re not in season right now. I like to go kayaking with my son who’s in middle school. I do a lot of driving my kids around to their activities. 

MVNWhere did you attend college?

LW: I finished up at KU, so I’m also a Jayhawk. 

MVN: What’s your favorite thing about the school so far?

LWProbably the students and the staff and the teachers, everybody has been really welcoming and helpful and better than I could have imagined.

MVNWhat school events are you looking forward to attending?

LW: I’m looking forward to girls golf, as my daughter is on the golf team. I’ve never been to a cross country meet but I’m going to do that for the middle school, so I’m looking forward to that. That’s going to be a new adventure. 

MVNHow is the school different from your previous job?

LW: It’s not sales, I don’t have to sell anything. It’s fast-paced here, but it’s different. Sales were stressful and you work a lot.

MVN: What’s something on your desk or in your office that has any sort of special meaning to you?

LWI don’t have anything yet, but I love jellyfish. That’s my favorite animal. I have a jellyfish tank at home with four jellyfish in it. I would like to bring that here. They’re little and they’re fake, not alive. It’s just calming and relaxing and so maybe I’ll move them over at some point, I just have to find a spot on my desk. 

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