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New science teacher previously majored in trombone performance

By Anna Owsley

New science teacher previously majored in trombone performance

Mill Valley alumnus Neil McLeod is excited to teach at the high school he attended

JagWire: What are you most excited about your new job?

Neil McLeod: [Mill Valley] is way closer to where I live, so I save myself an hour or more of commute; that’s like a huge thing. I am also excited for the robotics program and getting involved. I was involved in robotics in Spring HIll, but it was very fledgeling and it was just barely getting off the ground. Here, it’s [an established program], so I am excited to be involved in that.

JW: What are you looking forward to being at Mill Valley?

NM: I graduated from here in 2005, so it’s like coming home; I spent my 15 years out in the waste lands trying to make my way, and now I am back here. 

JW: What led you to a career in teaching?

NM: I went to college originally as a trombone performance major and kind of did my thing there. Then, I decided to switch to chemistry because it was cool and I didn’t quite know what I wanted to do. I kind of bounced around between things and fiddled with things like pre-med, pre-pharmacy and engineering. I just kind of bounced around until I started teaching music lessons and then realized teaching was a lot of fun, so then I became a teacher.

JW: What college did you attend?

NM: I did my undergraduate at Brigham University in Provo, Utah. Then, I did my graduate degree at [Pittsburg State University].

JW: What is something unique about yourself?

NM: I am pretty techy and pretty handy; I built my own 3D printer. I [printed] 3D periodic tables on the 3D printer I built.

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