New premium sides at Wendy’s disappoint

Sarah Fulton, managing editor

Early this year I was delighted with changes Wendy’s had made to their cheeseburgers. They promised that the new “Dave” burgers were thicker, juicer and overall more delicious and they delivered. So when I saw the addition of new premium sides to their menu I was delighted. I had high expectations for the macaroni and cheese, baked sweet potato and chili cheese fries.

However, unlike with the new burgers I was sorely disappointed.  I ordered the chili cheese fries as an after school snack knowing that I was not going to be eating dinner until much later in the evening. After eating the fries I decided that I should have waited for dinner.

The fries were just the regular sea salt fries, with a pile of normal Wendy’s chili and shredded cheese caked on the top.  I like Wendy’s chili by itself, but it should not be mixed with French fries.  The traditional chili for chili cheese fries is thick with almost no juice. This chili was so runny that it made the fries damp and soggy.  The only thing I really appreciated about the fries was that they did not have nacho cheese on them.

I do not know how the macaroni or sweet potato are, but if they are anything like the chili cheese fries I would recommend just getting a frosty.

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