Excited to help out students, new social worker Tawnya Bettis holds up a picture of her son on September 2. “My goal for Mill Valley would be to support the students here and just help everybody feel like they belong,” said Bettis.

New part-time social worker looks forward to helping students

New social worker Tawnya Bettis loves Mill Valley's sense of community

Mill Valley News: Have you worked as a social worker before? 

Tawnya Bettis: Yes, I have. I have been a social worker since 2016. So, about six years

MVN: Where did you work as a social worker?

TB: Before this, I was a social worker for two and a half years in the Olathe school district. And before that, I worked at a domestic violence shelter. 

MVN: What are some of your goals for Mill Valley?

TB: My goal for Mill Valley would be to support the students here and just help everybody feel like they belong.

MVN: What college did you attend? 

TB: [I attended college at] KU. 

MVN: What was your major in college? 

TB: Social work for both my bachelor’s and my master’s. 

MVN: What are your first impressions of Mill Valley?

TB: I really like it here. I think the students are fantastic and the staff is really welcoming. I’m really happy to be here.

MVN: How is Mill Valley different from other places you’ve worked?

TB: It’s different from other places that I’ve worked because I feel like there is kind of a sense of community here that I really like.

MVN: Do you have any worries for this year?

TB: I don’t really have any worries. It’s more just when I first started, I was worried about finding my way around this really big building. But other than that, I’m more just excited. 

MVN: What’s the most meaningful thing on your desk? 

TB: The most meaningful thing on my desk is a picture of my kid

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