New Make-A-Wish club offered to students

Sophomore co-founder Sue Kim plans for the group to help grant wishes to those suffering from life-threatening diseases


By Photo by Erika Marsh

On Friday, May 1, sophomore Sue Kim lead the newly formed Make a Wish club at their first official meeting.

Maggie Bogart, JAG sports editor

What is your new club?

Make-A-Wish is dedicated to fundraise, host events, go to events and raise awareness in order to raise funds to grant the wishes of those who have life threatening diseases. The members and I are starting to meet now, but we will go full blast next school year.

Explain why you started this club.

I started this club to show people in our community that there are people dedicated to making their lives happier and to help the Make-A-Wish organization in our area.

Why did you want this club at MV?

I really wanted this club to happen at Mill Valley because there are so many people in our school district and community whose wishes have yet to be granted. There are no Make-A-Wish clubs in our area that I am familiar with, so it is up to us to help the Make-A-Wish organization raise money for loved ones in our area.

How will this club affect people in the community and at MV?

This club will affect people in this community by raising funds and granting wishes for those who have life threatening diseases. It is a great opportunity, because we will actually get to know these people and what better place is there to do this job than Mill Valley. Students at Mill Valley will be able to show that they are dedicated to this cause by joining Make-A-Wish, showing up at the events, getting volunteer hours and donating.

Explain the difference between this club and MV Outreach.

This club is different from MV Outreach because we have different goals. [The Make-A-Wish club focuses] on the happiness of those with life threating conditions by granting their biggest wish, while MV Outreach is focused on helping by doing different good deeds and raising awareness at different events and more. Make-A-Wish will have a direct impact on people living in this community because we can personally meet and create ties with them, [some] may even go to this school.

Describe the people who should consider joining this club.

Anybody who is hard-working, dedicated, and willing to put in time, especially those looking for volunteer hours, will fit right in at Mill Valley’s Make-A-Wish club.

What are the goals for the club?

Next year will be Make-A-Wish’s first year so we are going to see how it goes and hope for the best. For being a first year club, we are going to raise as much awareness and money as we can. Typically, one year should be enough to raise enough money for one wish. Our goal, whether it’s next year or the year after that, will be to grant someone’s wish and show everybody what we, the student body, are able to do.

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