New location of Fat Bee Boba opens in Shawnee

Expanding from Overland Park, Fat Bee Boba has opened a new location in Shawnee contributing to its rising popularity


By Sydney McGlasson

Fat Bee Cafe is located at 13223 Shawnee Mission Parkway and they celebrated their grand opening on Dec. 20, 2022. They provide numerous seating areas to enjoy your drink.

Madelyn Welch, JagWire Writer/Photographer

With the homey and earthy aesthetic, it’s no wonder students choose Fat Bee Boba as a place to do homework and hang out with friends. A new location of the Fat Bee Boba Cafe opened this year and with the rising popularity of boba tea, students are excited about the closer location.

The cafe has many homey and muted decorations to make the store aesthetically pleasing. The store is decorated with wood paneling with lots of plants. Many students have already been to the new location and junior Augusta Miller appreciates the atmosphere in the cafe. 

“It’s an aesthetic place. It’s really calm,” Miller said. “It’s like a place where you would go and study with your friends like read a book. Do homework stuff like that.”

Junior Ella Doyle describes the neutral tones of the decor make her feel comfortable and calm there. 

“I think the new store is very minimalistic but still super warm and homey,” Doyle said.

Some students just started going to Fat Bee Boba when they moved locations, but there are others who have been fans for a while now. Junior Riley Martin says she goes a lot more now.

“I went to the other one before this one, but I only went once since it was so far away,” Riley said. “Now, I’m at the new location at least once per week if not twice.”

There are a wide variety of teas on the menu including milk and fruit tea but that’s not all that’s on the menu. Fat Bee also offers boba espressos, lattes, and slushes. There are also “croffles” on the menu which are waffles with cookie and fruit toppings.

Miller’s order has changed over time and has actually gotten more fine-tuned to her specific taste. 

“When I first went, I got the like regular milk tea. It was good. It wasn’t great,” Miller said. “And now I get the strawberry matcha that is so good.”

Doyle often goes to Fat Bee Boba and started going when her mom said she wanted to try it. Doyle explains how she loves going and how convenient the new location is. 

“I think the new store is so cute and I love having a location close to us, “ Doyle said.

The new Fat Bee Boba is located at 13223 Shawnee Mission Parkway and the cafe opens daily at 11 am and closes at 9 pm.

Here is the link to Fat Bee Boba’s website:

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