By Katelyn Krosky

Now teaching at ‘the biggest school’ he’s ever taught at, new graphic design teacher Travis Kohler holds up an artifact from his desk.

New graphic design teacher adjusts to Mill Valley’s atmosphere

This is Travis Kholer's first year at Mill Valley, and first year teaching only graphic design

MVN: What did you major in in college?

TK: I majored in Visual Communications illustration at KSU. 

MVN: Is this your first teaching job?

TK: No, this is my 10th year teaching. I’ve taught at three other schools before here, all ranging from kindergarten to high school age. 

MVN: Were the other schools in Kansas?

TV: They were not in Kansas. One was in eastern Tennessee. One was in Michigan, and one was in Iowa, and this is the second school I’ve taught at in Kansas.

MVN: Did you teach graphic design at all your other schools?

TK: I taught graphic design when I taught in Kansas, and then I just taught a lesson in graphic design when I was in Iowa. We didn’t have [MacBook] labs, or all the programs to do that, so it was just a lesson that I taught during my drawing and painting classes. I just taught art classes before so it was all drawing and painting and ceramics, and then when I was in Oskaloosa, Kansas, that’s where I taught I did teach an actual class, but I also taught a drawing class and a painting class. This is the first school I’ve been at where it’s just strictly graphic design. 

MVN: What’s your favorite thing about the school so far?

TK: I would say the students. I like how attentive and willing the students are to listen and work, and the staff has been extremely welcoming.

MVN: What do you do like to do in your free time?

TK: I’m pretty busy. I do a lot of small woodworking stuff. I like outdoor sports, so I golf and kayak and stuff like that, hanging out with some friends and I travel a lot.

MVN: Is the school different than any of the other schools you’ve taught at?

TK: Yes, this is the biggest school I’ve ever taught at, so the largest class size I’ve ever had was 17. So, when I have 26 or 28 students in here, it’s a lot different from before. The last school I was teaching at, the whole high school could fit inside of the gym.

MVN: Are you looking forward to any events here? 

TK: I heard the football team is good, I enjoy watching football so I’m excited about that. I used to be a basketball coach. I love basketball so I’m excited to watch the basketball team. There seems to be so much stuff always going on, so just being involved is what I’m interested in.

MVN: Is there anything that you’re just nervous about for this year?

TK: Well I was nervous when I started just because I got started a little late and I was just nervous about being prepared enough for the students and making sure that they were getting the correct information and I was going to be able to teach them well. I was nervous about that but I feel like I’m slowly getting my feet under me, so I’m being less nervous every day. 

MVN: What are some goals that you have for the school?

TK: I would say that by the time that students take my class, by the time that they leave here, they have the opportunity to get a scholarship in graphic design. I feel like my job should be to provide them with an education that is going to help them succeed. And then, hopefully, they’ll get a scholarship to do that. [My job is] to help the kids as much as possible.

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