New frozen yogurt store fails to break mold

Sarah Fulton, managing editor

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Complete with modern green and yellow interior, Yogurtime seems to fit into the same mold as all of the other frozen yogurt shops to come to Shawnee in the last year. The entire space is hospital clean and seems to have been wiped down with a giant Clorox wipe. It has the standard green serving cup and colorful spoons. They have the traditional flavors, like vanilla and chocolate, but they begin to break the mold by offering unique flavors that range from pomegranate raspberry to New York cheesecake and name brands like Heath bar and Reese’s.

Despite its unique flavors, Yogurtime falls short of its competition. There are no tasting cups, so the customer is forced to guess which flavor they would most prefer. I chose to try a variety of flavors, placing a squirt of each in my cup. The vanilla tasted more like how I would imagine a vanilla candle to taste; it had a very deep and not at all sweet taste. It was not bad, but it was also not something I would order again. The New York cheesecake had an unusual taste that did not at all taste like cheesecake. The other flavors were less memorable because they seemed watered-down and weak.

I had much better luck with the toppings bar. It had all the standard favorites, like gummy bears and brownies, but also included some surprises like fudge cookies and dried banana pieces. The toppings were plentiful and seemed fresh.

However, that may have been because the shop was completely empty. Just after lunch on a Saturday, I expected the place to be packed, but there was no one to be seen. The total lack of people gave off a dull vibe and made eating your yogurt with only the cashier around kind of awkward.

Overall, it was not a terrible experience, but it was also not great.

Overall score, two out of five stars.

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