Students form new creative writing club

English teacher Madeline Byrd helped students form a creative writing club, allowing more students the opportunity to portray their creative and imaginative side


By Quinn Franken

Presenting last week’s writing prompt, seniors Allison Rader and Ellie Basgall discuss how to share their stories with the club Wednesday, Oct. 13.

Julia Coacher, JagWire reporter/photographer

The creative writing club was newly introduced this year. There are currently 30 participants and the club is still open to anyone interested. Meetings are held every other Wednesday in the mornings from 7 or 7:15 until school starts.

According to vice president senior Allison Rader, the purpose of this club is to offer a safe space and outlet for students to express their creativity.

“I wanted to join this club, because I really enjoy writing, and my favorite form of writing is poetry and writing creatively,” Rader said. “I wanted a place at school to keep me in the act of writing.”

As the club supervisor, English teacher Madeline Byrd is able to help students in the club accomplish goals and guide them in a positive direction.

“I’m mostly the facilitator at this point so I just make sure everyone has what they need, that our president and vice president have all the materials and technology that they need to run the club,” Byrd said. “[The club’s participants] make sure that I am engaging with all of the people that walk in my room and making sure that they feel comfortable in this space.” said Byrd.

Rader explains how a new club brings lots of excitement and new relationships.

“I’m most excited about just getting people together and getting to all have creative outlets,” Rader said. “I also really enjoy public speaking, and I like presenting the things I work hard on.”

This club is open for all different kinds of people that each have their own personality and brings new connections within students, something Byrd appreciates. 

“What I like about it is that it’s a lot of different types of people, like yes, they all enjoy writing, but you get a lot of variety of, you know, age group, just background, and the things that they like writing about it’s all very very different.” said Byrd.

Rader explains how when students meet for this club, they are usually introduced to a prompt and work on that prompt individually until the next meeting, when they will share their response.

“We are in a cycle of going in and presenting to the class our most recent work, or whatever we were just working on, and then starting a new prompt that everyone can interpret in their own way,” Rader said. “Then the following class we present and then go from there but then once in a while, we will have something completely new and different.”

The club stands out to its members because of its welcoming and accepting side.

“I think what’s unique about this club is how accepting and comfortable everyone is in the club,” Rader said “I don’t feel like you find that everywhere where it genuinely feels like we’re all connecting and doing things together and really really like it.” 

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