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By Anna Owsley

New choir teachers looking forward to working with Mill Valley students

Jessie Reimer is excited about being able to teaching choir instead of general music this year

JagWire: What are you most excited about you new job?

Jessie Reimer: [I’m most excited about] getting to work with older voices.

JW: What are you looking forward to about being at Mill Valley?

JR: [I’m looking forward] to getting to be a choir teacher instead of just a general music teacher.

JW: What led you to a career in teaching and your specific subject field?

JR: A passion for music and singing lead me to [a career in music].

JW: Give us a fun fact, something unique about yourself to help us get to know you.

JR: [A fun fact about myself is] I went to the University of Nebraska [for college] and I also went to a college in Iowa. I was born and raised in Missouri, and now I’m teaching [choir] in Kansas.


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