New buddy film is a big step for female movies

Execution of “The Other Woman” is made up by strong female friendships

“The Other Woman” did not have to be a good movie for me to like it. Any movie promoting women supporting each other is already a new and different movie; before the movie even started I felt a swell of pride rise in me, like a proud mother.

The movie’s premise is pretty typical. One woman realizes that the man she was falling in love with has a wife in the suburbs. Then, against her will, the man’s wife befriends her and they spend a lot of time bemoaning over their unusual situation. A third girl joins the group mid-way in the movie in the form of supermodel Kate Upton, and thus the trio is complete. In the end, however, it’s the initial friendship that makes the movie watchable. It seems Upton’s casting was specifically for shock value, and it does not add anything to the movie overall.

Cameron Diaz is technically the head female. She is tasked with the role of a tough, independent, successful businesswoman that is played off most times as emotionally unfeeling. Leslie Mann is the shrill wife who is over-energized at all times. As mentioned before, Upton is the typical dumb blonde, and she never materializes past that stereotype. Mann is the ultimate standout, and garners the most laughs in the audience. She easily could have remained the annoying wife, but as the movie progresses, her character grows past the theatrical gimmicks and shows true emotion as a woman having to start over after realizing her marriage is broken. Diaz brings seasoned balance to the cast, but she only really shines when speaking to Mann, and their friendship is ultimately the only sincere part of the movie.

“The Other Woman” was number one at the box office on its opening weekend. This movie might not be great, but it means a lot to movie executives who feel audiences will not go out and see movies with women in the forefront. It was a small step backward in quality, but a major step forward for female actors everywhere.

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