National Honors Society holds card making event

NHS worked with Love for Our Elders to help make cards for elderly people

Meg McAfee, JAG reporter/writer

National Honors Society held a group event that allowed members to make cards in conjunction with the organization Love for Our Elders Thursday, Dec. 1. The event was held in the library after school where members of NHS gathered to write and decorate holiday cards for elderly people. 

Senior NHS president Libby Strathman explains the goal of the event and the partnership with Love for Our Elders.

“The goal of the event is to help brighten the day of a few seniors and let them know that there are people thinking of them,” Strathman said. “It also allowed us to host a group event and introduce members to new way they can help in serving their community.”

NHS member senior Sophia Yang describes the importance of holding a group event such as the card making event.

“We were happy to be able to contribute to making someone’s day and making our community a better place during the winter season,” Yang said. “It’s important that we get involved in our community and this event made it easy to reach out and make connections with the people in our community so that they feel like they have someone who cares about them.”

Strathman, who helped to organize the event, explains the preparation that went into holding this group event.

“It did not take very much preparation. I printed off some coloring sheets for people that didn’t want to free hand their card designs and grabbed som

e markers from my house,” Strathman said. “I also printed off the bios of the seniors we were writing to from the Love for Our Elders website for people to reference in their cards.”

Yang explains that the event was very successful but she hopes that it can continue to grow in the hopes that they can reach more people.

“I think a lot more people showed up to participate in the event than anticipated. The amount of people at the event allowed for many cards to be made, and eventually sent out,” Yang said. “Overall the event was very successful but I hope that in the future the amount of people attending will increase so that we are able to send out more cards and letters.”

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