Moon Marble Company provides way to spend time

Marble shop offers interesting way to spend a couple hours

Moon Marble Company is located in an unassuming building that is easy to miss at first glance. Near a car dealership, gas station and a couple of restaurants, this small marble store is a diamond in the rough.

The marble selections can be seen right as you step in the store. Here, there is a wide selection of souveniers to choose from, including the marbles themselves, board games and toys.

The best thing to do at Moon Marble, however, is to watch one of the demonstrations. Watching a glass artist meticulously craft beautiful marbles is really a joy. The handcrafted marbles turn out looking spectacular and can be purchased inside the shop after each demonstration. Demonstrations take place between 10  a.m.-3 p.m., between Monday and Saturday.

The inside of the building itself contains a wide array of cool and interesting items to enhance the atmosphere. Vintage posters and eccentric signs cover the walls and greatly enhance the mood.

Moon Marble is an excellent place to stop and spend an hour or so if there’s nothing to do over  a long spring break. This is an amazing place to view the incredible marble making process in action.

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