Monticello Road construction finally done

Roundabout added to Monticello Road


By Photo by Miranda Miller

The new roundabout was just recently completed and is now fully functional. It was built under the intention to decrease traffic during rush hours.

Construction on Monticello Road,  which began in July, has finished and now includes a new roundabout, widened roads and medians.

The new changes were made in an attempt to make driving on Monticello Road easier. The roundabout was intended to help incoming cars from surrounding neighborhoods flow more effectively.

The construction was specifically designed to help ease the flow of morning traffic caused by the proximity of the nearby shools.

Junior Valerie Nguyen has mixed feelings about the new construction.

“It hasn’t really affected my driving since it finished, other than the roundabout, which I hate,” Nguyen said. “Roundabouts deter important traffic flow and often shut down local businesses.”

The roundabout was intended to improve the flow of traffic by allowing vehicles from surrounding neighborhoods to enter the road more easily.

Speech teacher Jeanette Hardesty doesn’t think the roundabout has fulfilled its purpose.

It makes driving down Monticello Road very difficult,” Hardesty said. Instead of driving in a straight line, you have to dodge cars.”

Nguyen also had difficulty driving while the construction was still being done.

“I had to leave ten minutes earlier to get to my destination,” Nguyen said. “It was inconvenient, and I hated it.

Hardesty also thinks the construction should have started earlier.

“The highway department should consider timing when [starting] new construction,” Hardesty said.

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