Mill Valley students compete at JCCC Job Olympics

Students used important work ethics to compete and place in job skill events


The scribbling of pens and shuffling of paper could be heard in rooms within Johnson County Community College on Wednesday April 2, as many students from Mill Valley competed in the JCCC Job Olympics.

Since it was her first time competing in the Job Olympics, freshman Esther Nichols became introduced with new challenges in her coin balancing, custodial simulation, job application and shelf stocking events.

“I will be getting ribbons [for participating],” Nichols said. “Coin balancing was easy, [yet] trying to win was the scariest part.”

Yet not only did those competing gain valuable work and life skills, sophomore Jamie Tillman, who plans to become a special education teacher or physical therapist, learned how to lead and take pride with those she helped.

“I gave them support and the push that they needed to do the best they could,” Tillman said. “They helped me learn that I can do good when they do good.”

After completing the Job Olympics, Nichols knows that her cooperation, and hard working ethic will help her attain her dream job as a dental assistant or secretary in a dentist’s office.

“I got a lot of information from [the Job Olympics],” Nichols said. “I plan to work hard with others.”

Students who placed in the competition were:

Freshman Esther Nichols

4th Place Job Applications

4th Place Change amounts

8th Place Facing Shelves

5th Place Custodial Simulations

Senior Brittany Nicholsen

1st place Sorting mail

2nd place Check writing

Freshman Sara Pietig

8th Place Job Applications

8th Place Check Writing

Junior Jordan Boatman

10th Place Role Play Job Situations

1st Place Computer Applications

Senior Matt Nesselrode

5th Place Making Change

3rd Place Advanced Job Interview

1st Place Facing Shelves

Senior Justin Wagner

1st place Shredding

Freshman Julie Burke

9th Place Bagging Silverware

Sophomore Caroline Miller

10th Place Facing Shelves

6th Place Sorting Mail



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