Mill Valley sends four students to state debate competition in Derby

Eli Sheahan, Nick Booth, Jack Booth and Val Nguyen competed in the final debate event of the season


By Photo by Olivia Sheehan

In Derby, Kansas on Friday, Jan. 16, seniors Eli Shaehan and Val Nguyen competed in the state debate tournament, going 4-2. They competed with juniors Jack and Nick Booth who went 3-3.

Braden Shaw, JagWire editor-in-chief

On Friday, Jan. 16 and Sat. Jan. 17 seniors Eli Sheahan and Val Nguyen and juniors Jack and Nick Booth finished their debate season. Four students from Mill Valley competed with Sheahan and Nguyen finishing with a record of 4-2, setting a school record. Jack and Nick finished with a record of 3-3 in competition.

Sheahan has enjoyed this season overall due to his new roles on the debate team and his interaction with his fellow teammates.

“This season I feel that [I have been] in more of a leadership role,” Sheahan said. “I have learned a lot more just working with new people and trying new things.”

The level of competition at the state level was also a unique experience for Sheahan, one he was both excited by and slightly let down by.

“This is my first time ever going to state … there was a lot more difficult people to go up against than I expected,” Sheahan said. “Some rounds were kind of disappointing and they were easier than I thought they would be. But overall I thought it was a lot different.”

The level of success that the team gained was an enjoyable part of the contest for Jack and gave him hope for the future.

“I thought everyone did pretty well, especially since it was state [competition],” Jack said. “I think we will do even better next [year] because we have a lot of good debaters, even though we have some good seniors leaving this year.”

Sheahan will remember his teammates from this season and has memories to take away from his final season of debate.

“I had a great time [this debate season],” Sheahan said. “Shout-out to everybody else [on the debate team]. Even if they didn’t make it to state this year, they were all great debaters this season and I felt glad that they [competed this year.]”


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