Microwaving your cookies is worth the wait

Waiting in line for a microwave is worth it to receive a warm cookie from the Snack Shack

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Microwaving your cookies is worth the wait

Claire Boone, JagWire reporter

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Ever since my first lunch here at Mill Valley, I have religiously bought a cookie nearly every single lunch period. I am a loyal consumer of the double chocolate chip, but I am also known to dabble in and out of the infamous snicker doodle when I can get my hands on one.

Microwaving a cookie at lunch has become tradition for myself and many of my peers. More recently, the lines for the microwaves have gotten longer, and longer. All joking aside, I can honestly say I have never been more eager to stand in a line of immature freshmen and seniors giving me the stink eye.

I could easily see how someone would be irritated by the length of the line, despite their love for warm cookies. Although, if someone was truly committed to the warm cookie, then the length of a line wouldn’t make a difference. I stand against line-shaming.

I feel the need to defend the cookies because they have done nothing wrong and are receiving all of this negative publicity for it.

The microwaved cookie is extremely superior to the inferior “normal” cookie for numbers of reasons. The most important being the yummy factor. The yummy factor can best be described as that moment when your hunger has been satisfied in such a manner that is indescribable.

When an individual purchases a cookie from the Snack Shack that contains chocolate chips and does not microwave the cookie, they might as well be buying light bulbs and putting them in lamps, but never turning the lamps on. However, there will come a day, when this individual will turn on this lamp and become witness to the light and power that can come from a single bulb. This will be the day when all students and staff of Mill Valley High School come to the realization that microwaved cookies are significantly better.

There is something about the way a warm dessert from your childhood settles your stomach after consuming a school lunch, or even a lunch from your home. It makes me feel some type of way.

Therefore, I will always wait in line for my warm cookie. No matter the day, no matter my mood, no matter the length of line for that microwave. I will wait for my warm cookie.

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