Media should advocate for everyone’s privacy

Public response to Hollywood nude leaks hypocritical


Nick Booth, JagWire copy editor

Over the past few months, the media has been in a state of uproar over the leaking of multiple celebrity nude pictures over the internet. The actions of the individuals involved have been called disgusting and vile. It’s been called a form of sexual harassment. Every media outlet that wants to claim the moral high ground has jumped on this like a pack of vultures.

There’s just one problem with this: The writers claiming the moral high ground in this scenario don’t actually have it. None of the defenders of Jennifer Lawrence’s honor seemed to care when the privacy of former Clippers owner Donald Sterling. Was the tape of him that leaked not an invasion of Sterling’s privacy? The conversation was recorded without his consent. I really don’t care if the comments he made were racist; he had a right to privacy and it was violated.

The same applies to Anthony Wiener. Nobody in the media worried for his privacy when he was involved in a massive sexting scandal with Sydney Leathers. Wiener intended for explicit pictures he sent to be seen by one person, but they were instead viewed by the entire world. Yet, nobody in the media seemed to care. Wiener was painted as a disgusting creep that deserved what happened to him.

It’s illustrative of the hypocrisy that can be seen throughout the coverage of the photo leaks. Jennifer Lawrence publically stated that it’s her body and should be her choice and the magazines and news sites picked up on the idea almost immediately.

Now, I’m not saying that people shouldn’t have a right to privacy over their bodies. Nobody deserves to have something like these nude leaks happen to them. It’s just disconcerting to see the right to privacy ignored for so many people. It doesn’t matter if what you do in private is considered disgusting or morally wrong; it should stay private. It seems that in our society today, it’s your body and your choice, as long as you’re an attractive young female actress. Both the media and everyone else rising up in the defense of the victims of the nude leak need to try to apply their sympathy for Jennifer Lawrence to everybody else.

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